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The Company

Fortress Fund Managers Ltd. began operations on December 9th, 1996 launching its first fund the Fortress Caribbean Growth Fund, investing mainly in equities in the Caribbean region.

The second fund, Fortress Caribbean Property Fund Limited, was launched in 1999 to invest mainly in real estate and structured as a closed-end fund. The Fund was listed on both the Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago Stock Exchanges. In September 2013, it was converted to a segregated cell company - Fortress Caribbean Property Fund SCC with two cellular funds (Value Fund and Development Fund), both of which trade separately on the Barbados Stock Exchange.

The Fortress Caribbean High Interest Fund was launched in May 2002 investing mainly in fixed income instruments.

In September 2003, Fortress Caribbean Pension Fund Limited was created to offer defined contribution pension plans as a more effective way of managing plan assets. The Fund offers plan members three distinct classes of shares, that have specific investment and risk objectives, to choose from.

The Fortress Personal Retirement Plan is a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) that was introduced in December 2007, through Fortress Insurance Company Ltd. Investors can invest in the Growth, High Interest or Pension Fund.

In 2009, Fortress began offering specialised management of U.S. and international portfolios for institutions and high net worth individuals, and in early 2013 this range of strategies began to be offered more conveniently in fund form through the Fortress Global Funds. Also in 2013, the Fortress OAM Overseas Fund was created to offer investors access to specialised management of European and Asian equities via funds managed by Overseas Asset Management.