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What is the Fortress Caribbean Growth Fund?
The Fortress Caribbean Growth Fund was the first mutual fund established by the company in 1996.It's focus is on equities in the Caribbean and around the world.

What is a Mutual Fund?
A mutual fund is an investment product pooling the savings of small and large investors into one company and investing those savings into a wide number of investments.

Can I get back my money?
Yes. When ever you want it, and there will be no penalty. The Fund is designed to be flexible and to meet your needs. At the end of every week a valuation of the market value of the investments held, and a net asset value (NAV) per share is calculated and published. Fund shares can be bought or sold on these dealing days and if you are selling units, you will receive a cheque in five working days.

Does the fund pay out dividends?
The Fund does not pay out any dividends. The interest, dividend income and capital gains that are realised on the Fund's investments are automatically reinvested in more securities to enhance your returns and increase the rate of growth in the value of the shares. Investors can realise the equivalent of a dividend by simply cashing in some of their shares at any time.