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Pension Fund

The Fortress Caribbean Pension Fund Limited was the fourth mutual fund launched by Fortress Fund Managers Limited and commenced operations in September 2003. The Fund is restricted to the investment of contributions from companies' Barbados-based registered pension plans.

The Fund can be described as a "fund of funds" as it is specially structured to allow investment in other mutual funds. There are three types of shares that pension plan members can choose from, with each share having a different underlying asset class make-up to meet a particular lifestyle investment objective. In this way, the Fund caters to the needs of all employees, recognising that newer employees with many years to retirement have very different needs, risk and investment objectives to those who are about to retire. This is one of the most unique and attractive features of this Fund and it offers the choice of investment at the individual level, with their own unitised investment account.

The three classes of shares that employees can invest in are as follows:

  1. "AA" Shares - Aggressive Accumulator
  2. "CC" Shares - Conservative Consolidator
  3. "CS" Shares - Capital Secure