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The Fortress OAM Overseas Fund offers easy access to the expertise and value-based investment process of the two flagship funds managed by Overseas Asset Management (OAM). OAM's strategy of uncovering value in unconventional places in Europe and Asia has translated into top ranked long-term track records. The Fund's objective is to maximise long term capital appreciation.

The underlying funds in which this Fund invests are:

OAM Asian Recovery Fund - focuses on investments in Asian stock markets including Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and other countries in the region.

OAM European Value Fund - focuses on investments in the UK and Europe, including family controlled companies, closed end funds, investment trusts and equities.

While the minimum investment for direct access to the underlying OAM funds is US$1,000,000, investors can gain access to the same funds via the Fortress OAM Overseas Fund for a minimum investment of only US$5,000.

This Fund is offered by prospectus only. It may not be sold to US persons.